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Combat Arms

Combat arms is a free to play online FPS, there are a lot of good things about it, yet there are also a lot of bad things about it too.

This is probably the best online FPS game that you will find free, the problem is, there are tons of hackers! TONS of them! Though there is a nice kicking system implemented, there is even a cash shop item that allows you to kick annoying hackers whenever you want!

Well, now that you know about the hackers, there are some good things about the game too, like the graphics, they are really good for a free game, the texture files wrap nicely and almost seamlessly.

Another bad thing is the recoil! It's terrible, it's like shooting a cannon every time you shoot! And to kill people you have to unleash nearly an entire clip, thats a bad thing.

On the brighter side, there are a wide variety of guns to choose from and a ton more that i can't get to in this post, be sure to check the game out and be sure to watch out for hackers!


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