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Great Job Aguilera

Wow, this super bowl was just amazing, so many fails! Christina Aguilera botched the national anthem pretty badly, below is a video that shows what happened, again Great Job Aguilera.

Minecraft Epic Win!

So i've started playing this new game called Minecraft, and i've got to say i'm impressed! I absolutely love this game, tomorrow i will make a video where i start a new world and try to survive the night as a complete and total noob. (I am going to punch a tree or two though)

Combat Arms

Combat arms is a free to play online FPS, there are a lot of good things about it, yet there are also a lot of bad things about it too.

This is probably the best online FPS game that you will find free, the problem is, there are tons of hackers! TONS of them! Though there is a nice kicking system implemented, there is even a cash shop item that allows you to kick annoying hackers whenever you want!

Well, now that you know about the hackers, there are some good things about the game too, like the graphics, they are really good for a free game, the texture files wrap nicely and almost seamlessly.

Another bad thing is the recoil! It's terrible, it's like shooting a cannon every time you shoot! And to kill people you have to unleash nearly an entire clip, thats a bad thing.

On the brighter side, there are a wide variety of guns to choose from and a ton more that i can't get to in this post, be sure to check the game out and be sure to watch out for hackers!


Call of Duty Black ops

New blog all about Gamez! :D

Black Ops:

Epic, one word describes this game, from the gameplay trailers that i have seen it looks like treyarch FINALLY made a good game! I am thrilled to get my hands on a copy of this game.. Lets talk about what i like about it.

-Ballistics Knife Fucking awesome weapon of uber pwnage, im sure this one will make ONLYUSEmeBLADE happy
-The exploding crossbow thing This is amazing, i love it, at first when i saw it i thought it was lame because it didn't kill the person in one hit, then i saw it explode and i was like FUCK YEAH i want that! Hope you get awesome achievements for it like semtex nades
-The camera Wow lol this is defiantly a favorite of mine, imagine setting these up all over the place and just owning EVERYONE around the corners (though its unlikely you will be able to use more then like 1 or 2 at a time)
-The RC car out of hell, This is my favorite, aside from the exploding crossbow because its small and hardly noticeable and way more useful than radar though radar is useful sometimes i still think its useless and should be a perk rather than a streak thing, anyways the rc car out of hell is a favorite of mine
-Predator/Heatseaking missile? Idk what this is but it owned that camper in the face, which ive never seen anyone that accurate of a predator it made me lul so it belongs in this list
-The crappy sniper that sat there and camped til the guy moved into his scope, who does that lol he could have just moved the scope a lil to the side and would have gotten the same kill and probably wouldnt have gotten killed by the predator haha he deserves this spot because he is a noob

Anyways, thats all for my list guys here's a link to some multiplayer gameplay, click here!

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